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Who would have thought a Secret Angel during your Winter homecoming week would eventually lead to a marriage? We met in high school and had a few classes together on and off, but Kellin wasn't what you would call 'outgoing,' unlike Hannah. It wasn't until her bold move to be his Secret Angel during homecoming week that they started hanging out, and a few months later, they began dating officially. Surrounded by large groups of friends, teams of varying sports, and lots of family, they spent the next few years getting to know each other and working through a long-distance relationship while Hannah attended college in another town for two years.

Soon, Kellin and his crew of friends joined the college life in Chico, and they were together again. In the final year of college, Kellin visited Fields to chat with Linda (Ryan and Dan's mom), who helped him pick out an engagement ring that Hannah still adores. He saved for it all year and carried it around all summer as they prepared to start a new life together in a new town, away from everyone, for Hannah's first job. That July, Kellin proposed on a hot, sweltering day in Redding, where all his best-laid plans went out the window, but they still ended up with the perfect moment. The wedding the following July was par for the course, as the day saw light summer showers give way to temperatures above 110 degrees. Many friends and family, who had been by their side for the last six years, braved the rain and the heat to celebrate their union. It was an unforgettable (HOT, but unforgettable) event.

Fast forward... we are now 17 years into this love story that started with a shy boy and a girl's bold play. We live and work happily, surrounded by our amazing support system and our two beautiful children, Aiden and Charlotte. And we are looking forward to about 50 more years together!"

Tom & Betty Fields

In the spring of 2005, I made the decision to propose to my girlfriend. Being a typical guy, I didn't know the first thing about women's jewelry. I had heard commercials on the radio about Fields Jewelers while growing up, so I decided to start there. From the moment I walked in, I was overwhelmed, but Linda helped me pick out the perfect engagement set. In the 17 years since, we have celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, and many other milestones. But no matter what we are celebrating, if I intend to give something shiny and special, I always go to Fields Jewelers. Ryan and Dan treat me like family, whether I'm purchasing a necklace or dropping off something to be cleaned. The folks at Fields Jewelers are top-of-the-line, and so are the adorable dogs that greet you when you walk in.

Lance & Shari Hansen

I first met Lance when we were just kids, actually at the age of 12, and we dated in the 7th grade for a brief moment. We both attended Foothill High School and then went to Chico State. After staying in touch here and there throughout college, we lost touch for 20 years and were reconnected by our good friend Adam, who suggested we meet up. After realizing we still had a great connection, we started dating and enjoyed fun trips to Las Vegas, Maui, and San Diego. We soon began to think about marriage, expanding our family, and the future. Lance’s good friend, Ryan, at Field’s Jewelers helped Lance pick out the perfect engagement ring with two beautiful complementary bands to match. After he found the perfect ring for me, he surprised me with the most perfect proposal on the beach in Maui. Although it is hard to top a sunset proposal, we experienced a magical wedding at a beautiful winery on November 8, 2019, with all of our friends and family. We now have a beautiful baby girl named Cora and are looking forward to creating more magnificent memories as our family continues to grow.

Chuck & Stephanie walker

"I met Stephanie in the summer of 2008 on an evening when I wasn't planning on going out. But a friend coaxed me out to The Rusty Nail, a local tavern in Redding. While there, I noticed my son’s babysitter sitting with a few girls, so I went over to say hi. I noticed that a beautiful woman in the group didn't have a ring on. When she walked away, I asked the other girls if she was single; they said yes. I thought, 'Perfect! I'm going to ask her out.' We have been inseparable since. After four years into our relationship, I made the best decision I’ve ever made by asking for her hand in marriage. We have now been married for more than 11 years. For our 10-year anniversary, I decided that Stephanie needed a wedding ring upgrade. We planned to check out a few places to see what she wanted within our price range. Our first stop, and ultimately our only stop, was Fields Jewelers. Upon entering, we were greeted by two of the cutest golden retrievers, Bayley & Abbie, which made my wife feel at home since we have a golden too! Ryan pleasantly greeted us and asked what occasion brought us in. I told him we were looking to upgrade Steph’s wedding ring and gave him our price range. Without hesitation, he started showing us wedding rings within our range. Ryan was very patient with us and never pushy while we weighed our options. He made us feel very comfortable at Fields and was very thorough in answering all our questions. From start to finish, the professionalism was top-notch and appreciated. We have been very happy with our purchase and, when it's time for my next upgrade, Fields is where we will be going!"

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