Exploring The Rough

Exploring the Rough with us and Roger & Ginger Dery in East Africa. Jewelers and gem cutters at the source!

Chapter 1: Responsible resourcing and sustainable communities are at the top of our list as we head to Kenya with Roger Dery….See our travels to East Africa looking for gemstones in the Rough. Here, we visit Mkuki, a mining village, one Roger has visited many times going since 2009.

Chapter 2: We are exploring a Tsavorite Garnet mine owned by Esther Okeno, which is approximately 2 kilometers from Mkuki. Kenyan Tsavorites (green grossular) were discovered in 1961 and are highly sought after in today’s market. Kenyan Tsavorites are brilliant green gemstones from deposits near Kenya’s famous Tsavo National Park of which it is named after.

Chapter 3: We had the rare opportunity to explore a Tanzanite mine, 30 meters below ground level. Block C is one of 4 blocks located in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania. It is the only place Tanzanite is found. Tanzanite just celebrated its 50th birthday!

Chapter 4: More looking back…

Chapter 5: Visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Tsavo Park… a rare opportunity and believing in how we change lives… of all kind!