As a Master IJO Jeweler, Field’s Jewelers travels to Antwerp Belgium, to handpick diamonds for our customers. Heralded as the world’s diamond capital, more than 50% of all rough polished, and industrial diamonds pass through Antwerp.

Today’s diamond cutters use a variety of specialized tools created from the time-proven lessons of experience and the application of state-of-the-art technology. Staying at the top is the goal of the Antwerp diamond industry.

Field’s Jewelers uses the 4Cs to evaluate diamonds in Antwerp. This process is difficult and requires an incredible amount of concentration. We must spend several days sorting through parcel after parcel of diamonds. If you can’t find a diamond in Antwerp, it means it probably doesn’t exist.

Master IJO Jeweler

The Antwerp market is normally limited to only large dealers and importers. As a Master IJO Jeweler, Field’s Jewelers has direct access to the Antwerp diamond cutters. This access gives Master IJO Jewelers an incredible price and quality advantage.

Field’s Jewelers sorts through hundreds of diamonds, selecting only the very best quality at the best value.

By going directly to the Antwerp cutters, we are able to find the exact diamond you are looking for and pass the savings on to you.